Intermodal Rail Shipping

Finding Value with Intermodal Rail Shipping

Intermodal or rail shipping is a viable over the road alternative that is often underutilized by many customers. Intermodal shipping is great solution for freight traveling between major markets, and although slightly slower than standard truckload shipping, is often a much more economical choice. FreightPro’s intermodal specialists can evaluate how rail shipping can fit effectively into your company’s transportation profile. Though it’s not for every freight shipment, when freight is not particularly time-sensitive, shipping via intermodal can cut down on your freight shipping costs. If you’ve read our previous blogs, you know that “value” is often very different than “cost.” Just because a freight quote or shipping rate is cheaper, doesn’t mean that it has more value. It helps to have a freight broker that understands the difference between the two, and how intermodal rail shipping can find the sweet spot between value and price.

Economical and Environmentally Friendly

Rail shipping allows our customers to move the most amount of freight per gallon of gas than any other viable shipping method. This not only allows you to ship your freight more cheaply, it also has the dual benefit of having the least impact on the environment. Intermodal shipping is a seamless process and smart option if you are shipping in freight markets that support rail shipping. Not only does it keep your costs down, it helps save the environment. We get that that’s not feasible on every freight shipment, we wouldn’t be in business if it were, but it’s still nice to have an eco conscious option for when the opportunity presents itself. It may not be something you do all the time, but intermodal rail shipping can work wonders for your world and your wallet. If you’re looking for intermodal freight quotes, contact us and we’ll see if rail shipping is right for you!

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